Thursday, August 28, 2014

I am not Tavi Gevinson

But I sure as hell wish that I was!

Tavi is about the same age as me (just a year older, I do believe), but about 600 times more stylish.

This is the bow-hat that you may recognize her for - it made a bit of a stir when she first wore it! This picture is one of the first to pop up when you google her name. 
Here she is at about 11 or 12, probably better-dressed than I ever have been in my lifetime and ever will be in the years to come (sigh):

And I can't believe I'm saying this (I think it's a sign!), but, I'm sorry the picture above is small, if I make it any bigger it'll go all pixel-y.

(I was reading Tavi's old blog posts from when she first started writing the style rookie, before Rookie was a thing, and she wasn't very tech savvy at the time, so all of her pictures were tiny and if she made them any bigger they would go fuzzy, and she stated that the first few times she posted pictures. I sincerely believe that this is a sign from the fashion gods that I am going to succeed. Yes.) 

Anyway, so here she is in more recent years. I mean, just look at her! She's gorgeous, and so fashionable, and I adore her style.

Finally, here she is, with fucking LORDE FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE

Jesus christ. 


  1. She's supeeerrr cool, didn't know too much about her before this.. I wish my hair looked like the pic 4th from the bottom

    1. I absolutely adore her! Also, same here - her hair is really nice there (not that it isn't nice any other time)