Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Since I haven't posted here in quite a while, here's a redo of my initial post, Launchpad McQuack, with what I'm currently into. Most of it's the same, but I think I can now give a more accurate visual representation. Check it out under the cut!

I'm really into the whole "aesthetic" look right now. I kind of dislike that term because any real "look" is an aesthetic, but this specific aesthetic is like.. it's own thing now. Kind of like how Ed Sheeran's genre is "singer-songwriter." Aesthetic made "aesthetic" an aesthetic.. Say that ten times fast!

Personally, I'd describe it as a harajuku/Japanese-inspired 90s look, with all the matchy matchy plaids and platform shoes and grid patterns (very Clueless-esque.. But, "aesthetic" is fewer words and kind of simpler to understand.

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